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Mother's Love

Mothers are a child's first impression of God's love. they are a link to God. Mothers are that soft voice saying, "I love you".

Lost Connection With God?

Do you feel you are losing your connection with God? Don't lose faith, God has not lost you, He is waiting for you to reconnect with Him... In this short sermonette, three strategies are presented to help you re-connect with God.

A Safe Shelter

No bunker is strong enough to shelter you from problems in this world. Jesus is the only safe shelter. John 6:37 says that anyone who comes to Jesus, He will never turn away! Take shelter in Jesus today... what are you waiting for?

Be the Salt

Young cousins discuss what it means to be the salt of the earth, as Jesus called his followers in Matthew 5:13. After watching this sermonette, you will never see salt the same way again!

Preparing for the Inevitable

The fear of death and dying is quite common, and most people fear death to varying degrees. What’s the big deal about death? Would I seize to exist after death? How can I prepare for the inevitable? These questions and more are discussed and answered from a Biblical perspective in this presentation.